ex facebook

august 9, 2012

there are people who mentioned that they have noticed that i have deactivated my facebook account. that is true. i have already deactivated it. the usual reason i give is that i’m wasting to much time on facebook instead of doing the things i need to be doing, but there is a much more serious reason why i did that. some would assume that i deactivated my account because i’m forcing myself to stop looking at her profile ever though we are not friends anymore. well… that assumption is partly true. but there is a more sad reason why i did that.

whenever i see my friends from college, talking, commenting and interacting with each other, i get jealous. i always ask myself, why dont the comment on my posts? why dont they talk to me? am i not one of their friends? am i not interesting enough for them to take notice? i always feel left out when people would talk and i’m not included in their conversations.

even in texting. i’d notice some of my friends from college who are still my classmates in my masters class texting. but when i text them, they would not reply to my texts. and i get to ask myself.

am i not their friends?
am i not interesting enough?
aren’t they interested in me?

this continues to a night of selfpity and the feeling of being unimportant


3 thoughts on “ex facebook

    • thank you ohyeah… i made this blog site initially for myself to have a place to rant. but slowly, i’m beginning to feel better when people comment about what i’ve written here. thank you, thank you

  1. Don’t sweat on the small stuff. There are other people that you will meet and would eventually like you or maybe your not just noticing them. But admitting about this kind of thing is a big step. Hang in there.

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