That cute girl who longboards

September 10, 2012

I met this girl during a longboarding session in the university where i’m taking my masters degree. Lets name her cat becauss she seems shy, subtle and yet cute and alluring.

Cat and a girl i got to know through longboarding went down the hill. I noticed that they left their bags on the sidewalk with nobody there. I seized the opportunity to talk to them so i sat next to their things. When cat came back, i told them that a sat next to their thing so that space aliens wont attempt to get their bags. She gave a short laugh and said that they were used to leaving theur things there and that there aren’t any valuables there in the first place. As she was about to ride down the hill again, she thanked me. I was shocked that she thanked me.

As the day was comming to an end, cat, her room mate, some of my friends and i were sitting together. I noticed that cat had two tattoos. A tattoo of a circle on her right arm and a tattoo of a triangle simetrically identical on her left arm. I complimented on how cool her tattoos looked and joked if they are representations of the buttons on a playstation controller. She laughed and said that that could be correct if that is how i interpreted the tattoo. I was amazed by how different and how openminded her answer was. This got me really interested so i followed up by asking her, what is her interpretation of her tattoos.

(bty, these are not her tattoos, these are not where the tattoos are exactly, and these are not my tattoos. I gust got them from the internet)



She explained that the circle tattoo represents “one” and that there are many religeous groups that have the same symbolism. The triangle on the otherhand represents perfection. I was taken back by how philisophical her answer was. It got me interested because i feel that there are only a handfull of people who would have a very simple and uncommon symbol tattooed on a part of their body which will be easily seen. It was real cool. She seems so interesting, not to mention she was cute.

I got to talk to her on two seperate instances and im attracted to her for some reason. Am i open to enter a relationship? Am i ready to enter a relationship? Do i like her? Is she available? Will she give me her number? Will she go out with me even if i dont even know her?

These are some of the questions i have in my head and i planned to ask her out this afternoon. Sunday afternoons are the times when i saw her skate in my university and i planned to make a move on her. I planned that when i see her go down the hill alone, i would follow her down and while walking up, i would ask her if she has a boyfriend. And if she doesnt have a boyfriend, i would drop a line like “i know this sound old school, but would you go out on a date with me?”. Haha i hope she is adventerous enough to try to go out with someone she doesn’t know. But alas, she wasn’t there. Hopefully next week, she’ll be there. ;)