My Day

April 2, 2015

It has been a while since I have written anything here in my anonymous blog/journal/diary/whatever.
I’m writing in it now because my mind is running 1,000 kph and I’m getting nowhere fast.

A day has passed without me ever noticing it.
Today is a religious holiday and I just sat at home facing my computer, doing nothing.
My mind is running 2,000 kph and I’m getting nowhere fast.

Sleep eludes me once again, making me hate the nap I took this afternoon.
Aimlessly, I searched the internet for technology that I cannot afford.
I hate this feeling.

I woke up this morning feeling less than refreshed and as motivated as someone on death row.
My responsibilities are piling up and I’m less motivated as ever before.
I hate this feeling.

I’m writing to feel less stressed.
I’m writing to release my thoughts.
I’m writing to be anonymous.
I’m writing so that I will feel sleepy.

I know a lot of people here feel the same way.
Writing anonymously
hoping that someone will post a comment
hoping that contacting someone they don’t know will help them feel better.
But in the end, everyone is left to fend for themselves.